Sultans MP3s (From the Shimmy Shammy Sultans website)

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NEW - Live At The Savoy Cork (21st December 2005) (Thanks Phil)
   01 Intro 0.2M
   02 Back In A Tracksuit 4.3M
   03 Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass) 4.8M
   04 Teenage Punks 3.6M
   05 Mescaline 5.1M
   06 2 Pints Of Rasa 5.6M
   07 Michiko 3.7M
   08 Five Years 4.7M
   09 Karaoke Queen 5.4M
   10 Teenrage Rock And Roll Girl 3.1M
   11 Veronica 5.1M
   12 Wake Up And Scratch Me 3.5M
   13 Scar On My Face 5.4M
   14 Kick Me With Your Leather Boots 4.3M
   15 Stupid Kid 4.0M
   16 You Talk Too Much 2.8M
   17 Let's Go Shopping 4.0M
   18 Japanese Girls 3.6M
   19 Where's Me Jumper 5.1M
   20 Turnip Fish 6.4M
   21 I Said I Am I Said 4.7M


Casual Sex In The Cineplex
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Teenage Drug
   01 Teenage Drug 4.1M
   02 Wake Up & Scratch Me 2.6M
   03 Teenage Punks 2.6M
   04 Curse 5.0M
   05 Michiko 2.7M
   06 Love & Understanding 2.8M
   07 Psychopath 3.9M
   08 Terrorist Angel 2.8M
   09 Teenrage Rock & Roll Girl 2.1M
   10 Pussycat 2.3M
   11 Sisters 1.6M
   12 Pussycat (Reprise) 1.3M
   13 Telephone Lover 3.4M
   14 Red Cadillac and Black Moustache 4.4M

Good Year For Trouble
   01 Frenzy 3.2M
   02 Scar On My Face 3.5M
   03 Mescaline 3.0M
   04 Good Year For Trouble 3.2M
   05 Young And Twisted 2.2M
   06 Rubberman 3.0M
   07 Shiny Boots 2.3M
   08 I've Got Your Girl 2.7M
   09 Five Years 2.7M
   10 Hero of Our Time 2.7M
   11 Bad Boyfriend 2.1M
   12 Shake 1.9M


What about those Sultans E.P.
   01 Introduction 996k
   02 Stupid Kid (Demo) 2.4M
   03 Riot At The Sheep Trials 3.4M
   04 Eamonn Andrews (This Is Your Life) 2.8M

You Talk Too Much Single
   You Talk Too Much 2.5M
   Armitage Shanks 2.7M
   Japanese Girls 1.9M
   Turnip Fish 4.1M

Veronica Single
   Veronica (7" version) 3.5M
   Riot at the Sheepdog Trials 2.5M
   Teenage Vampire 2.3M

Mescaline Single
   Mescaline 3.7M
   Bird Doggin 3.3M
   Shake 2.4M

Teenage Punks Single
   Teenage Punks 2.6M
   Crash Pad Chick 2.9M
   He Thought I Was Your Best Friend 2.8M
   Indeed You Are 2.9M

Wake Up And Scratch Me Single
   Wake Up And Scratch Me 2.6M
   Do Re Mi (Carter Cover) 4.0M
   Everything You Do You Do For You 2.8M
   Let's Go Shopping 3.7M

Michiko Single
   Michiko 2.7M
   Japanese Girls (Acoustic Party Misc) 2.6M
   Miracles 2.8M
   Xmas Bubblegum Machine 1.9M

Studio Sessions

2fm Studio Session
   Interview - Dave Fanning Part 1 10.0M
   Interview - Dave Fanning Part 2 6.5M
   No more plastic pitches 5.6M
   The old days 6.2M
   Wheres me jumper 5.5M

Peel Sessions
   Give him a ball... 2.9M
   He Thought I was Your Best Friend 2.2M
   Karaoke Queen 2.9M

   Back In a Tracksuit (Live) 2.7M
   Bloodsport For All (Carter Cover) 4.1M
   Football Hooligan (Live) 2.2M
   Give Him A Ball (Live) 3.8M
   I Said I am I said 2.7M
   Indeed You Are (Live) 2.3M
   Japanese Girls (Feedback Mix) 1.4M
   Kick Me With Your Leather Boots (Live) 47k
   No More Nonsense (Live) 2.5M
   Robocop 2.4M
   Stupid Kid (live) 2.9M
   Wheres me Jumper (live conna 92) 3.8M
   Veronica (Demo) 2.1M