Football Club

The 5-A-Side Line Up

Niall O'Flaherty (vocals / harmonica)
Morty McCarthy (drums)
Alan McFeely (bass)
Pat O'Connell (guitar)
Sammy Stieger (guitar)

Sultans of Ping F.C. was established by Niall and Pat in Cork in Ireland at the beginning of 1989. They loved Ramones, Black Beer and Women's clothes. They met Morty and then in September 1991, Alan joined. Sammy from the Golden Horde joined in early 1995. They have now dropped the F.C and the Ping, and are just the Sultans.

The Sultans are a unique mix of rock, punk, energy and humour, influenced by bands like Shonen Knife, Ramones and Carter USM. Fronted by the mad Niall O'Flaherty they make an amazing live band. It's worth going just to watch his antics.

Player Profiles

Niall O'Flaherty

Pat O'Connell

Alan McFeely

Morty McCarthy

A thousend thanks go out to Megumi Nakai for all her help and information, and for translating most of this page from Japanese.

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